• Ilya Boyandin

    Ilya Boyandin

    data visualization engineer at @teralytics

  • Marc Illien

    Marc Illien

    Frontend Software Engineer @siroop_ch - Switzerland - Zurich. Love working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, node.js, Python

  • Eric van Rees

    Eric van Rees

    Writer and editor. Interested in all things geospatial.

  • Darrel Ronald

    Darrel Ronald

    Architect, Urban Designer, Technologist, Entrepreneur

  • Annie Malone

    Annie Malone

    Learning to live on my own terms.

  • Wolfram Willuhn

    Wolfram Willuhn

  • Taisha Riccara

    Taisha Riccara

    3D Technology Evangelist @ ESRI R&D | Director of Partnerhips @ Girls in Tech Switzerland | :heart: Technology, Sustainability, Art and Entertainment Industry

  • pheeraphath waravathano

    pheeraphath waravathano

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